The Power of Isotonix

 "Upto 95% absorption after 8-10 minutes             
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Isotonix products come in powder form and, when mixed with water, become isotonic solutions, meaning the nutrients are delivered efficiently and rapidly. There are no fillers or capsules, so the time and work necessary to absorb Isotonix nutraceuticals is greatly decreased, allowing maximum absorption &  superior results compared to capules and tablets.

The Isotonix brand has grown to include some amazing formulations as can be seen here.

Why is taking a vitamin supplement important?

A vitamin may be broadly defined as a substance that is essential for the maintenance of normal metabolic function, but which is not produced in the body and therefore must be consumed from a source outside the body.

They are necessary elements in the process of converting food to energy and in the growth and repair of body tissue. Reduction of vitamin levels over extended periods can result in vitamin deficiency.

These shortages may lead to symptoms which can include loss of appetite, loss of body weight, increased irritability and sleeplessness or constant drowsiness. Deficiencies of this nature can be easily avoided by adequate vitamin intake.

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Covering a wide range of health conditions our supplements are designed to promote health, fitness and anit-ageing through proper and appropiet supplementation.

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